Deliciously delicious =P

So i went back to taiping last weekend and sis and i were talking about all sorts of food we like to eat in taiping.. although we missed a few.. but here’s what we got! =)

Before that, we went for dim sum breakfast at Hong Kee Dim Sum USJ 9 , one of my favourite places to eat dim sum

We arrived in Taiping and headed to Nagaria Restaurant. According to my parents, this place has a Hainanese Chef and that is why their food is so good!

Nyonya Chicken Chop!

Grilled Butter Fish!

Ikan Bilis Fried with Onion!

We headed to Pokok Assam after that and bought some food back to my grandma’s house to eat!

Pau from pokok assam market!

the awesome Gandum!

On the same day, that night, we thought of all the food we usually eat for supper and so we decided to have a little bit of everything!
First we went to a place in lake garden called ‘Tai O’ and bought these :

the all time favourite chicken wings! they have taste that u can find nowhere else!

and my all time favourite

Salad Yao Cha Koay which i cannot find anywhere else! lol

then we headed to a famous supper spot called ‘Siang Malam’ haha its famous for the drinks they make! No where else makes coffee or tea as good as they do! well at least to me heheh =D

Kopi Ping in between of two glasses of famous Only in perak states ( i think ), 'teh ping ti o'. its basically tea with a few drops of coffee! haha

Sambal Prawn Nasi Lemak!

and out of my craving for it, we ordered this too :

Roti Bakar! haha

that’s about it for just saturday itself! woohoo! Next, we move on to Sunday!

For breakfast, we wanted to eat my favourite noodles stall called “da shu xia” but unfortunately it was closed! so we ended up eating these :

Roti Telur! i had all kinds of roti from this stall ever since i was a kid! haha

Chee Cheong Fun with homemade fried onions on it!

Kopi O Ping! haha i will only drink this when i am in taiping! lol

Curry Mee! although not the one that we usually have, which is nicer, but this is nice too!

on the evening of that day , we decided to head to REX because the weather was so so hot and i was craving for something cold!and rex is famous for this:

"ang tau ka" - Red Bean Ice Blended ~ yummy~

and this :

Lok-Lok! =D

Rojak Buah with a taste that i can only find in taiping! lol

we also had these :

and this is 'ang tau seng' which translates to red bean ice but its actually ice kacang! haha

and that’s about it for this trip! lol im looking forward to going back with all my cousins around. perhaps then , we will have a more complete makan tour around taiping! muahahaha


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-1 Samuel 12: 24